Students have different learning styles and Emerald College understand the importance of offering extended learning support to meet their varying academic needs but if you need more than what the school can offer, there is additional help available.

Speak to your instructor for more information and ideas.

Tutoring Services

Literacy Support Services

Library Services Nearby

For Port Alberni Students

Port Alberni Library

Address : 4255 Wallace St, Unit B, Port Alberni BC, V9Y 3Y6

Phone : 250-723-9511

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In certain limited situations learners are able to apply to defer or temporarily suspend their studies. For more information please refer to Deferment, withdrawal and cancellation Policy and forms located at Emerald College Website. In certain circumstances where a learner breaches Emerald College rules or enrolment, learner code of conduct the learner may be suspended or their enrolment cancelled. Please refer to the policy and forms located at Emerald College website for more information. 

Academic Issues

Learners can contact Support Staff or relevant trainers to discuss academic, attendance, or other issues relevant to studying at Emerald College at any time. Support staff will provide advice and guidance, or referral, where required. In the event that a learner’s needs exceed the capacity of the support services Emerald College can offer, they will be referred to an appropriate external agency. Information regarding support agencies, resources and services may be sourced online. Emerald College staff members will assist learners to source appropriate support.

Credit Transfer

Emerald College will provide credit for studies completed at another institution or at any other authorised issuing organisation, such as a university. In the case of any non-equivalent units of competency, a complete analysis will be undertaken to determine the equivalence of the study completed with the relevant units or modules before granting any credit. Credit transfer (Internal Credit transfer) also applies to units of competency completed at Emerald College as a part of a different course. Internal credit transfer may lead to reduction of course fee and course duration.

Financial Help

Learners who are unable to pay their tuition fees on time for any reason should discuss their problems with the Admin staff to make special pay arrangements.